What people are saying about Artistic Dance Unlimited...

Artistic Dance Unlimited has been a part of my life for the past twenty years. As one of their first students, I was introduced to dance and performance at an early age. ADU created a space where I could authentically express myself as a child and young adult. From coaching me in dance classes and competitions to showing me how to connect with the community through performances and fundraising, ADU has always been there to support me and push me to be the best version of myself. The guidance I received from ADU allowed me to pursue my career in the field of dance. Because they opened their space and hearts to our community, I majored in dance and ultimately became a recreational and competitive dance instructor. And I became a fitness instructor where counting on the beat is of high importance. Artistic Dance Unlimited was and is the best place that I could have spent my time growing up in Tennessee and I will forever be thankful for the family it gave me.
- Sierra (Howard) Buck
My daughter has been dancing at Artistic Dance Unlimited since 2012. ADU is more than a dance studio, it's a family. Alette and Ursula, along with all the teachers, are so talented and kind. I'm thankful my daughter is surrounded by so many amazing and strong women doing what they love at ADU.
- Penni Drake
Artistic Dance Unlimited has had such a positive influence for my daughter. She started dancing at ADU when she was 4 years old and didn’t stop until she graduated high school. In those 14 years of her precious life, she went from a shy, little girl to a beautiful, confidence young lady. Dance not only produced strong, physical qualities, it gave her strong, mental attributes as well.The staff of ADU, under the leadership of Alette Garner and Ursula Margolis, was wonderful and always made the dancers feel special. The love and discipline shown to each dancer proves from the instructors, not only their passion for their job, but their desire to bring out the best in each dancer. ADU has classes for every age and skill level. My daughter was selected to be a member of Dance Company and was given the opportunity to dance competitively for 10 years. I will never forget the special times she and I shared at competitions. Whether she scored well or not, whether she was happy or in tears, the bond we created was priceless. I will never forget all those special memories shared with her and her teammates. ADU is family. The studio is like a second home, teammates become sisters and brothers, instructor are second parents. I am grateful to have ADU as part of my daughter’s life.
- Jill Shirley