Class Definitions & Criteria
Pre-School & Elementary
Children must be the appropriate age by October 1st to begin.
Junior Level
Students will be placed at a level appropriate for their ability at the discretion of the directors of Artistic Dance Unlimited
Intermediate Level
These classes are for dancers who have mastered Beginner and Junior level fundamentals.
These classes are for students age 13 and older.
These are advanced level classes for dancers who have mastered Intermediate fundamentals.
Acro Stretch/Strength
This class is designed for students aged 8 & up to increase strength and flexibility specific to acro moves and tricks.
Boys Only
Designed specifically for boys, this class includes sports conditioning to improve athlete’s coordination, agility, and flexibility, along with hip hop technique.
Open Ballet
This class is used as an extra ballet class for dancers to improve upon their overall technique, and is intended for dancers of the Junior 3 to Intermediate level.
Dance is fun at any age! These recreation only classes are designed for adults who want to learn basic dance technique, such as tap, jazz and hip hop.
*Private Lessons -Based upon instructor/studio availability.

**To ensure that all students have a positive learning experience and dance to their fullest potential, they will be placed in a level appropriate for their technical ability at the discretion of the Directors of Artistic Dance Unlimited. Please see Alette Chase or Ursula Margolis if you have any questions regarding registration.


Ballet training is the backbone of almost any dancer. This unique process, which gradually develops the body in a beautiful manner unlike any other physical activity, has been proven to be beneficial to all dance forms.


Contemporary dance is a fusion of free movement with a mix of modern and classical dance techniques. The general focus in contemporary dance is on dynamics, inner core strength, exploring height levels, and spacial awareness.

Hip Hop

Hip hop dancing is an evolving style that draws from hip hop music and culture.


A technical class which combines the beauty of traditional “Broadway Jazz” with the ever- changing styles of today.


Lyrical dance is an expressive form that combines classical ballet and jazz techniques while interpreting lyrics or a theme of music. (In order to take lyrical, students must be enrolled in either ballet or jazz technique classes).


Most female ballet students are eager to approach this beautiful form of classical ballet. Dancers enrolled in pointe class must have an instructor’s recommendation, and be enrolled in at least one ballet class.


This classic dance form can be learned by even the youngest dancer and is an excellent way for students to learn musicality and rhythm.


Acrobatics (or acro dance) is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its artistic character, its unique choreography, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context.

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